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[Archive] #10: 10- (things left unsaid by kaizhen).

title : things left unsaid
author : kaizhen
pairing : sasugaa
theme : #10 : 10
disclaimer : i don't own anything but the plot

    there are some things that sasuke will never admit out loud, some things that he knows he would rather die than say even in the confines of a sound-proof room in the middle of nowhere. it's not that he's afraid. hell no, sasuke uchiha is NOT AFRAID of a few measely words that he can or cannot let pass through his lips. it is just that he believes that it is wiser to keep silent about matters which one would rather not acknowledge because oddly, the universe has a way of screwing up whatever one says and returning it in the EXACT OPPOSITE of what one was asking for.
    so sasuke contents himself by just rolling his eyes whenever he has to thump naruto on the back for choking for the tenth *fucking* time on the same bowl of ramen he seems to inhale rather than chew, or just grits his teeth whenever kakashi makes blatant passes on iruka's person which has even blind people within a ten mile radius hooting in amusement and him gagging in a corner. somehow, he even manages to keep silent whenever gaara suddenly grabs his hand in the middle of a crowded street and quietly threatens him that he's going to break his fingers off if he even *thinks* of trying to pull his arm away. sasuke glares, pouts, grunts, sighs, and even curses on the odd occasion, but he will never admit that he is happy because honestly, sasuke knows that he is the happiest he's ever been, and it's just that he's deathly afraid that he's going to jinx all of it to hell in an instant if he acknowledges it to anyone.

    so sasuke half lies to himself every day and tells himself that his life is so annoying and that konoha is a pathetic excuse for a ninja village and that gaara is such a fucking psycho and that he'd rather be anywhere than where he is right now. but everyone in konoha knows sasuke is such a bad liar and they smile to themselves whenever sasuke and gaara show up together with matching hickeys (which the uchiha violently denies they gave each other) and go about their business snickering in obvious amusement.
    cause really, denial is a river in egypt sasuke is merrily scuba-diving in.
Tags: 30kisses, sasugaa
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