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[Archive] #15: perfect blue - (unplanned morning afters by kaizhen)

title : unplanned morning afters
author : kaizhen
pairing : sasugaa
fandom : naruto
theme : #15 : perfect blue
disclaimer : don't own anything but the plot 

    he's breathing softly, evenly, against your arm, legs tangled in the sheets and arms thrown haphazardly over your chest. his hair scattered across the pillows, and under the early morning light he looks golden, like a warm, living statue snuggled contentedly on your (our) bed. you think that he is something to be valued, covered, kept, hidden, protected, worshipped even, but the marks you've left all over his body in the heat of last night's passion point in the total opposite direction.

    it's not like you planned to bite him during sex.

    he sighs quietly, and you cock your head curiously to the side as you watch him bury his head underneath your (not his) pillow, tugging the blankets (and you) closer in the process. his arm wraps around you painfully, like iron claws, and you are reminded that no, he doesn't need protecting and that yes, he can handle himself quite well.

    it's just so easy to forget that with that damn soft look on his face.

    gingerly, you try to squirm out of the death grip he has on your waist. you've never been comfortable with body contact unless it involves screwing or being screwed, and even after all the things both of you have been through, you still can't get yourself to totally relax from the sensation of skin on skin and heartbeat against heartbeat. but it seems that his grip tightens even more with every attempt to dislodge him, and its only when you drop your arms in exasperation over his own waist does he loosen the stranggle-hold on you.

    pansy... you roll your eyes in annoyance, but you don't struggle anymore. instead, you amuse yourself by counting his ribs with the tips of your fingers and exploring the grooves and the bumps on his back. your eyes aren't idle either because they're leap frogging over the constellation of moles on his arm, tracing them up his neck, along his earlobe, up across his face and over his ...

    open eyes.

    he's looking at you expressionlessly, but the flicker of mirth in his eyes makes you blush hotly even though you're violently trying to keep your face as neutral as his. he's caught you unguarded, like he's accidentally walked in on you butt naked (which he already), and you can't do anything but glare back weakly and pray he shuts the hell up about it in front of naruto and the others.

    "you enjoyed yourself?"

    you can't tell whether he means your little morning exploration or last night's mind-blowing sex, but you grunt out something non-committal. bastard knows you did; he just wants to make you admit it.

    he's more sadistic than you that way.

     but you stay almost glued together for another few hours, letting the sky turn a perfect shade of blue before both of you mutually decide to kick off the sheets and get on with your day. it's not like you planned to waste half the day doing nothing, it kinda just... happened. 


Tags: 30kisses, sasugaa
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